It depends on your goals, budget, and training frequency. Our Train for Life Program is designed so that you can get a more affordable price on Personal Training upfront with a longer commitment but pay less in the long run with a cost that gets progressively less. We specifically designed it to fit almost any budget!
Yes! It’s not quite that simple, but we have designed a program specifically for this called the Train For Life Program. Learn more here
Yes! We are located at the Gable Reese Rotary Pool and our members have access to their change rooms and showers on the first floor.
Yes! If you sign up for Great/Perfect Fit or our Train For Life Program you will have 24-hour access to the changerooms and showers as well. You can work out and shower and head right to work!
Yes, we offer day passes for $10. (Or $5 if you’re under 18)
Old enough to know that the gym is not a play place.
Not currently. We have been working with the Municipality to try and make this happen.
You will have a Personal Trainer supporting you in person and through our app. That way you’re getting the high-detail direction, accountability, and support you need at a fraction of the cost.
No. But we do offer a variety of Personal Training Programs to fit all kinds of goals and budgets.