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Trevor Nethery Has been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years. He has a Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist certification and a strong passion for fitness.

What does he know?

“My knowledge is heavily self-taught from a desire to solve other people’s problems. I would have clients that would have back pains, knee pains, shoulder pains, etc. I wanted to know how to fix these things, avoid causing them, and overall how to prevent them. I’ve spent an absurd amount of time reading into the science and details of extremely specific questions about fitness. It can be difficult in the modern world to weed out all the snake oil in the fitness industry. Thankfully I was getting into it before it got overly saturated with too many ‘gurus’ and I’ve created an excellent foundation for helping most people with most goals and problems.

Trevors Experience

I’ve worked with men and women from the ages of 12 to 82. I’ve trained individuals with hip replacements, knee surgeries, reconstructed shoulders, fused spines, and more. Most things have crossed my path and I’ve always found a way to make their lives better. You will make my life better. Because you will give me the opportunity to make another person stronger, healthier, and happier!” – Trevor

Personal Trainer Trevor Nethary